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Fair and Lovely – “Heavy Cost of Light Skin”


I recently started a topic discussion on

Titled: Heavy Cost of Light Skin.

Here is a preview as well as some of the comments people had to say about this growing issue…

By: Joan Baxter

The use of bleaching creams to lighten complexions seems to have reached epidemic proportions in Mali, despite widespread education campaigns. Women who refuse to bleach often find themselves regarded as second class citizens.
A woman who did not bleach her skin said she is often not offered a chair at baptisms, and is asked to make herself scarce when group photographs are taken at marriages.

How does everyone feel about this…being that it’s a huge issue nowadays?


Male, 22, Los Angeles, CA


Just sad that any society would have a perception like that.


Female, Age Private, Kansas City, MO


Self hate just like some in the US….strong feeling for an African country to emulate the beauty standatds of whites…

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Not enough info (wink)…here are some books:

The Color Complex by Kathy Russell

Don’t  Play in the Sun by Marita Golden

Blacker the Berry by Wallace Thurman


This video below is an ad by Fair and Lovely products… The video is in Arabic, but basically what’s happening is the young woman is discriminated because of her skin tone…

The video below is a scene from Spike Lee’s film School Daze which does a great job satirizing the issue (colorism).

The following video feature Shah Rukh Khan in an ad for

Fair and Handsom Cream- Emami




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