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To Bleach or Not to Bleach

Loreal denies digital lightening of Beyonce Knowles

So now all heads turn to Beyonce Knowles, as allegations of the R&B spokesperson of L’oreal was said to be digitally bleached in an advertising campaign by the cosmetic giant.

We say…


You be the judge.

For more on Skin Bleaching check out my other popular post:
Fair and Lovely ..Heavy cost of Light Skin.


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Holiday Shopping

Experts offer secrets to scoring special sale items, buying safe products and making money while you shop.


By Parija B. Kavilanz, senior writer


NEW YORK ( — For some people, the thought of holiday gift shopping invokes dread, frustration, even disgust. And for good reason.

It’s not a particularly pleasant experience to fight through large crowds of aggressive bargain hunters, contending with messy stores and clueless employees just to get the gift list squared away by Christmas.


But a little bit of early preparation can help mitigate some of the madness — and possibly even turn this annual ritual into something enjoyable, say industry experts.

So whether you plan to join the midnight throng on Black Friday, or hit the stores at a saner hour, a good gameplan will help you save money and score those hard-to-find deals.

Here’s what the experts had to say:

Divide and conquer. Get a friend, spouse or sibling to help you on big shopping days, said Britt Beemer, retail analyst and chairman of America’s Research Group.

That will make it easier to take advantage of different sales that are going on at the same time, especially on Black Friday and over the Thanksgiving shopping weekend.

“This is going to be the biggest year ever for early-bird deals on Black Friday,” Beemer said. “I am telling shoppers to get up early and divide and conquer. You go to one store and send your husband to the other.”

Another helpful tip: Call stores ahead to find out how many units of a particular product that you desperately want are in stock.

Consumer credit crunch could hurt holiday TV sales

This is a particularly good idea if you’re after what merchants call “doorbusters,” the special deals they offer only for the first few hours on sales days. On Black Friday, it’s not unusual for people to line up in front of stores as early as 4:00 a.m. to bag these special low prices on the season’s must-have items.

“Retailers don’t always share that information, but sometimes the employee will give you a heads up that the product could sell out in an hour after the store opens.”

Buy “safer” toys. After millions of toys were recalled this year because of safety concerns, many parents will want to make sure that they buy safe toys for their kids.

Before purchasing a toy, Beemer suggested that consumers ask a store employee if the manufacturer of that toy has had any recalls in that particular collection.

“You can use the information to decide if you want to pick up another toy instead,” he said.

Some retailers have implemented specific measures in their stores and online to help parents purchase safe toys. Toys “R” Us stores will have new Safety Boards in all of its stores featuring up-to-date product safety information, including recall notices.

Additionally, the retailer has set up a Web site – – to help consumers easily find product safety and recall information. Consumers can also sign up for an email product recall notification system at that Web site.

Don’t throw away expired coupons. Retailers offer plenty of discount coupons during the holiday season as a means to get shoppers to return to their stores, many of which expire in 30 days.

But Beemer said shoppers should hold on to the coupons even if they’ve expired.

“Ask the store if they will honor the coupon anyway,” he said. “Chances are they will, because retailers know they’re in for a difficult holiday season and they need to register every sale to meet their year-end targets.”

Make money while you shop online. Some Web sites like give customers two to five percent of their money back, in the form of rebates on their online purchases.

Ebates gives customers exclusive offers and free shipping deals from more than 800 online retail chains, including Nordstrom (Charts, Fortune 500), Target (Charts, Fortune 500) and Gap (Charts, Fortune 500).

Edgar Dworsky, consumer advocate and editor of Consumer World, said Ebates is like an online shopping mall. The company gets a commission every time a consumer clicks through to a featured retailer.

“But they also share the money they make from the referral by refunding some of the cash back to consumers on their purchases,” he said.

Users set up an account on Ebates and shop via any of the merchant links. After the transaction is completed, the retailer notifies Ebates and the company will put money back into your account, as much as 25 percent, on all purchases.

According to Ebates, the company will mail users a check every quarter for the money earned, or transfer the money to a user’s PayPal account.

Don’t rush to buy the flat-panel TV. Instead, wait to score an even better deal on a TV or a computer in the last two weeks before Christmas.

Last year’s glut of holiday inventory for flat-panel televisions forced retailers like Best Buy and Circuit City to set deep discounts early in the season so that they wouldn’t get stuck with excess merchandise after Christmas.

However, it’s a different scenario this year. Flat-panel TV supplies are tighter and retailers also have better managed their holiday inventory in order to preserve their profits.

At the same time, retailers know that consumers this year aren’t as comfortable spending on big-ticket purchases as they were last year, Beemer said.

“While electronics sellers are desperate for sales, they also want to make profits. They will refrain from making the deep price cuts until the last 10 days,” Beemer said. “And that’s when the real deals on TVs and other items will come out.”

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30 Essential Pieces Of Free (and Open) Software for Windows


For the list…visit:

Come back soon for all you Mac lovers…


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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale- July 20,21,and 22!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is just one day away! Yay! They have anything and everything on sale. You better believe I’ll be there.


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Visit My New Page: Beauty 101

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Fair and Lovely – “Heavy Cost of Light Skin”


I recently started a topic discussion on

Titled: Heavy Cost of Light Skin.

Here is a preview as well as some of the comments people had to say about this growing issue…

By: Joan Baxter

The use of bleaching creams to lighten complexions seems to have reached epidemic proportions in Mali, despite widespread education campaigns. Women who refuse to bleach often find themselves regarded as second class citizens.
A woman who did not bleach her skin said she is often not offered a chair at baptisms, and is asked to make herself scarce when group photographs are taken at marriages.

How does everyone feel about this…being that it’s a huge issue nowadays?


Male, 22, Los Angeles, CA


Just sad that any society would have a perception like that.


Female, Age Private, Kansas City, MO


Self hate just like some in the US….strong feeling for an African country to emulate the beauty standatds of whites…

To read full article visit:

For full comments on this topic ( this url :


For more articles on this issue visit:

For more interesting information visit:

Not enough info (wink)…here are some books:

The Color Complex by Kathy Russell

Don’t  Play in the Sun by Marita Golden

Blacker the Berry by Wallace Thurman


This video below is an ad by Fair and Lovely products… The video is in Arabic, but basically what’s happening is the young woman is discriminated because of her skin tone…

The video below is a scene from Spike Lee’s film School Daze which does a great job satirizing the issue (colorism).

The following video feature Shah Rukh Khan in an ad for

Fair and Handsom Cream- Emami



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