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DIY-Pottery Barn Inspired

Okay, so I’ve been shopping day and night for my new home, and I came across this at Pottery Barn.

Framed New York City Mural

Framed New York City Mural



Bring bold style to a big space with our wall-sized multiframe mural. The striking aerial image of Manhattan and the Empire State Building is presented in nine individual 18 x 24″ prints that form a grid when mounted together, creating the illusion of seeing the city through a large loft window. Simple black wooden frames surround the prints, which are covered in glass.

I was feeling the design and idea, but not the price. 799? What?

Nonetheless, I came to the conclusion that it was a must have for my study/office/guest room.

I got a great photo in black and white of the net…and I am having it blown up at Kinko’s…

I’ve asked them to cut it up in 9 pieces equal size. I bought some large black frames at Ikea, and voila I am on my to having my own customized art piece. I’ll post some photos soon. Of the actual turn out. I am really impressed, and no where near 800 dollars…


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Guilty Pleasure – MTV/The Hills

If you are like me …then you have a weak spot for the undeniably addictive show: The Hills.

Just so you know the season premiere was last Monday night…

My post, however, isn’t about the show, It’s about one of the characters who actually will be leaving Teen Vogue magazine this season…

With all the cattiness and drama during the show I mainly watch it for Whitney Port, she is an editor at Teen Vogue and is refreshingly down to earth, and can I say…oh so stylish…

Read below about her style!

Who are your favorite designers?
When I’m going out I like to wear Phillip Lim, Robert Rodriguez, Chloe, and vintage. During the day I like J Brand jeans, but it always varies. It seems like everything I wear is either a different designer or no designer at all! Some of the names I have in my closet: London Sole flats, JL Marks dresses, Bellabumbum bras, and Hanky Panky underwear.

Where are your favorite places to shop?
Vionnet, Diavolina, Planet Blue, Bleu on La Brea, JL Marks, Shareen Vintage (for vintage dresses), American Rag, Calypso, Scoop, Intermix, Holiday, Only Hearts (for gifts, accessories, and lingerie), and Shopbop.

Who is your style icon?
Catherine Deneuve.

What are your favorite new trends?
I love bell bottom/wide legged jeans and high-waisted trousers.

What are some trends you’re over?
Vests, labels, fedoras, big beaded necklaces, skulls, and headbands.

What are you coveting right now?
I love wearing mini-dresses with vintage heels and my grandmother’s vintage beaded clutches. Also, bell bottom jeans from J Brand.

What are some of your style secrets?
I like wearing delicate gold chain necklaces and gold bracelets high up on my arm.

Whose closet would you most like to raid?
Ashley Olsen, Victoria Beckham, and Jennifer Lopez.

Do you have any beauty tips for our readers?
I always use a gentler cleanser on my face (like Cetaphil) because I have sensitive skin. I love Stila Sun in Sun 1 and layer Nars blush over the bronzer. Depending on my mood, I’ll either use Deep Throat for a peachy shimmer or their Angelika blush for a bright pink shimmer. My mascara is by Fresh, for a nude lip I like Nars Lip Lacquer in Chelsea Girls, and I always get my eyebrows done at Anastasia.

Whitney’s Little Black Book:

Vionnet: 310.289.9202
Diavolina: 310.550.1341
Planet Blue: 310.317.8566
Bleu: 323.939.2228,
JL Marks: 323.655.4111,
Shareen Vintage: 323.276.6226
American Rag: 323.935.3154
Calypso: 310.652.4454,
Scoop: 877.SCOOP.77,
Intermix: 212.966.5303,
Only Hearts: 310.393.3088

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30 Essential Pieces Of Free (and Open) Software for Windows


For the list…visit:

Come back soon for all you Mac lovers…


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Racism or Art?

American Apparel trumpets blackface fashion spread in i-D magazine

by Carmen Van Kerckhove

American Apparel is really proud of this editorial credit in the latest issue of i-D magazine. So proud that they’ve featured it on their web site. Blackface is so chic nowadays!

More on the term “blackface” below:

Blackface is a style of theatrical makeup that originated in the United States, used to affect the countenance of an iconic, racist American archetype—that of the darky or coon. Blackface also refers to a genre of musical and comedic theatrical presentation in which blackface makeup is worn. White blackface performers in the past used burnt cork and later greasepaint or shoe polish to blacken their skin and exaggerate their lips, often wearing woolly wigs, gloves, tailcoats, or ragged clothes to complete the transformation. Later, black artists also performed in blackface.

Blackface was an important performance tradition in the American theater for over 100 years and was also popular overseas. Stereotypes embodied in the stock characters of blackface minstrelsy played a significant role in cementing and proliferating racist images, attitudes and perceptions worldwide. In some quarters, the caricatures that were the legacy of blackface persist to the present day and are a cause of ongoing controversy.

By the mid-20th century, changing attitudes about race and racism effectively ended the prominence of blackface performance in the U.S. and elsewhere. However, it remains in relatively limited use as a theatrical device, mostly outside the U.S.[1], and is more commonly used today as edgy social commentary or satire. Perhaps the most enduring effect of blackface is the precedent it established in the introduction of African American culture to an international audience, albeit through a distorted lens. Blackface minstrelsy’s groundbreaking appropriation, exploitation, and assimilation of African-American culture—as well as the inter-ethnic artistic collaborations that stemmed from it—were but a prologue to the lucrative packaging, marketing, and dissemination of African-American cultural expression and its myriad derivative forms in today’s world popular culture.

What are your thoughts on this?


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There’s Something About Vanity Fair



By now, I’m sure you have had the chance to see or pick up a copy of the July, Vanity Fair Issue; which displays 20 star packed covers on the magazine stands from Barack Obama to Jay Z, George Clooney, Iman, and even President Bush. The magazine photos were done by renowned celebrity photographer: Annie Liebovitz.

In the issue which singer and activist Bono is featured as guest editor he states the one thing that stars have in common is:

They are all passionate about Africa.”

“That’s what this issue of Vanity Fair is all about,” Bono says.

It’s about trying to bring some sex appeal to the idea of wanting to change the world.”

Supermodel Iman, as always, seems willing to help in the sex appeal department by sliding out of her dress on one of the infamous covers.

I love the fact that the issue was, in fact, is still selling like hot-cakes; and although the intent is good and showcases a sort of celebration of Africa. I do have a bit that baffles and worries me.

 I don’t understand why a magazine issue is covering “Africa” when most of these celebrities and some activists on the cover are well, American?

Why not mix it up a bit by having Alicia keys looking up to Wangari Maathai, or President Bush and Nelson Mandela standing side by side? I would have loved to see more indigenous Africans on the cover. One or two celebrities would have been enough; it now looks as though they are just eager to get another photo-op.

One thing this magazine cover is accomplishing, yet again, is that it is showcasing Africa as if it were just a cause.

Why do people treat Africa as if it were one country, with one language, and one religion, ‘one’? They forget that this continent has 54 countries, that within these countries lies many more regions and states. They forget that this land has over 800 million people who speak thousands of languages. Who, believe or not have their own artists, celebrities, political leaders, musicians, and activists; which I’m sure people such as I would have loved to read about.

So, to be honest I won’t be the one in line shelling out cash for a copy of this issue. If I can’t read about what people from this great continent have to say. Then why call it the “AFRICA” issue?



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Runway Africa

I was browsing the web as always and came across this website:

Runway Africa…

Runway Africa believes strongly that by exposing African designers to the global market, Africa (as a whole) will begin to see a change in each country’s economic and social agendas. By stimulating growth in the textile and garment industries, Africa can begin to see some economic stability in those areas. In essence, this kind of mass exposure puts the continent’s talent and creativity in global markets and increases the ability to manufacture apparel deriving from Africa. Inspired by the urbanity of African textiles, fashions and designs; Runway Africa was created to infuse, educate, and introduce to the world, the vibrancy of African inspired couture designs while giving back to Africa through a carefully chosen non-profit beneficiary. This year’s beneficiary is Keep a Child Alive; an organization that provides life saving anti-retroviral treatment to children and their families in Africa and the developing world struggling with HIV/AIDS.

Runway Africa is a stylish and elegant couture exhibit that provides an intimate look at Africa’s creative fashion industry while spotlighting African influence in today’s mainstream style and fashion. It features creations inspired by the rich traditions of the African continent, known as Africhic, Runway Africa promises a bold fusion of African textiles combined with glamorous couture.

Runway Africa is the first couture fashion show to debut in the United States with an entire couture show dedicated to “Africhic“.

Please visit:

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale- July 20,21,and 22!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is just one day away! Yay! They have anything and everything on sale. You better believe I’ll be there.


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