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My Summer Smoothie Recipe!

 As the summer weather creeps in I have a recipe for a smoothie that I think everyone can enjoy! It’s refreshing, but not for those who are afraid of a little spice! It includes cantaloupe, honey, milk, yogurt, and cardamom.

I’m sure most readers of my blog are familiar with heyl (cardomom), for those of you who aren’t it’s a seed that most Arabs, East and North Africans, and South Asians use with tea or coffee and sometimes dessert!

For this smoothie depending on your taste you can grind the cardamom seeds for more impact or just drop in the seeds. Mind you, might get seeds in your drink that way. For someone who has never had cardamom seeds it might be a bit overwhelming.

Blend cantaloupe, cardamom, honey, milk, and yogurt for about 3 minutes and voila you have a tasty treat!

Be sure to take seeds out of the cantaloupe when cut into. And you can save whatever you don’t use in your fridge.



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Okay, most folks already know I’m a huge coffee addict. Can’t live without it. The best day and time of the week is Sunday morning solely for this reason; I’ll get up and get a fresh cup of coffee ( made right at home), steam the milk, and then just sit back and read a good book, or watch some news, or whatever else…but coffee is “it”!

Anywho, I thought I’d let you guys know the best cup of coffee or one the best cups of coffee I’ve ever had. It was at Caffe Artjava on Ave. Du Mont-Royal, in Montreal, CA. It was so rich, not bitter, almost sweet. Amaa-ziing!

 For the coffee lovers out there like me here is a little eye-candy!


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