Who is Lulu?

“Life is a tragedy for those who feel, and a comedy for those who think… Well, I do both, so where does that leave me? I guess we’ll have to see.”

I am a Muslim, East African girl ( Djibouti and Somalia) born and raised in the states. I have been privledged in my life thus far, and I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to live a bit all over.

I’m currently a student. Then again, aren’t we all? (wink)

I love the arts and good vibes; sounds, words and images (artistic vocabulary causes palpitations), traveling, meeting people from all over the world, daydreaming, being by the sea, hanging out in galleries, museums or other interesting architectural space. A bit of a nerd, hobbies include reading the dictionary, or, say, studying maps.

I am new to this, but I thought I would create a place to post an unlimited amount of perplexing thoughts, ideas, and even dreams I have. Being that I love fashion, design, and the arts you’ll get a lot of that too! 

Topics I usually post about are: Culture, East-Africa, Linguistics, Literature, Fashion, Music, and Education.

I hope to have fun here!

Feel free to write me a note or leave a comment.



34 responses to “Who is Lulu?

  1. Djibouti and Somalia? That is cool. I am from Tanzania in the East too.

  2. Greetings admirer of Art!

  3. Thanks for the support!!! Keep the important info coming!!!

  4. Hey Lulu, hope your ok and doing well. I just stumbled across your page and i must say it’s absolutely great! let me know if you want to contribute for SHEEKO.

  5. Thanks for all your great comments, and support!

  6. Sami

    I love your site!

  7. mukelwa hlatshwayo

    Hey,beautiful soul-me from South Africa,can I kink your site on mine (its till work in progress as I try to figure all this out) ‘cultureconsciousyouth.wordpress.com-Goor job!

  8. Sure (Mukelwa), good luck with your site. Be sure to let me know when it’s up! Thanks.

  9. Hey Lulu,i must say your site is really great.I’m from S.A,very much new to this whole thing,but i’m hoping to have fun,chat and get to know a lot of pips……reach for your dreams beautiful one….

  10. Amish

    Was googling around and happened to bump into ur site..What can i say am addicted!

  11. Thanks again for the beautiful comments. Keep coming back for more great stuff! Bisou Bisou.

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  13. I’m lucky to have stumbled by your uber-cool blog, sis. I’ve added you to my blogroll. Take care.


  14. Thanks so much huuno…enjoy!

  15. great to have sumbled into ur blog…i’m also from the horn of africa (ethiopia). keep on saying it like it is!
    welcome to my blogroll 😉

  16. Ali

    Barasho fiican lulu
    waxaad tahay gabadh maskax hufan oo fiiro dheer waanan jeclaanalahaa in aan barasho intaa ka fidsan ina dhex marto mustaqbalka

    Waa Ali
    Nin Somliland u Dhashay

  17. Barasho wanaagsan Ali, and thank you for your kind comments. Please stop by again walaal!

  18. badawiyah

    Hey! Great blog. I love it. Very creative. Keep it up, sister.

  19. Fantasies of life need love as everyone else does. Great works come along the human beings’ efforts and hard works, though my DBMS (Database Management System) teacher told me that all humans born lazies, it seems that some kind of them are different.
    Thank s for such efforts, never seen, but one, such gurl from Somali Diaspora chose the web for the right place to compose..

    “personally, I’m WordPress project developer, and I’ve lately hooked up the v3 (Version) 3 of my project weblog, all about Joomla open source and WordPress plugins and themes, though my former host gone with all my works, I wish I’ll contribute them back on $Frih Donations. I thenk them, websites are cool this days…

  20. By the way, I’d like to present you at Frihost Community, http://www.frihost.com, in the current time there is open competition of writing contest, and I think you can join it, there is only one Somali origin, which is me, but, I couldn’t attend it, cause of my crowdy time….

  21. fuad

    salam lulu…. keep dat harworkin huuno u really doin great job… i feel i might connect from ur blog to the other somali bloggers around da world… keep it up lulu……

  22. You seem very sound of mind, eloquent,vivacious i would be well pleased if you exchance words with me on various subjects in which i long to hear a feminine perspective

  23. Hi Lulu – what a great site you have. I’m in awe and hope mine will one day read as good as yours!
    Happy New Year

  24. lydia zereai

    Lulu i am proud of you,and great job keep it up

  25. Wow, loving the blog so far. I am muslim my self but I am an African American. Hope to hear from ya.

  26. Nice page based on qualitive north american style of writing, I wish you u reach further step in ur career and lovely to hear in here if u even won world press awards !!!Hmmm, Am I right, are U Journalist ?

  27. hi sister
    i was searching for a class ideas about our culture and our country but seeing that there is a sister who understand and also working hard to help the un edicated people who say they are from somalia but have no clue. i was really glad to see your web page and iam happy there is someone out there who is working hard to teach knowledge to our people sister keep up the good work and i wish i have known you. but anyways please let me know how you make ur website because i have things that i want to update that might help many people. stay in school and keep up the good job and email me at any chance if u can help me make this website i told U about
    than you once again
    always a sister

  28. Mo

    That’s strange!

    I was Googling something for my upcoming seminar presentation, and this was the first hit in the results page. There must be something on this page that Google thinks I should use in my speech! lol

    Oh well, might as well raise the popularity of this blog by leaving “I’m feeling this” post!


  29. Sara

    oh my god! i’v been waiting all my 15 years (and 7 months) to find someone like me. well, kinda. heh.
    i’m a muslim girl, east african (sudan) born and bread in the uk. student to , as you might have guessed.
    “Life is a tragedy for those who feel, and a comedy for those who think…” well i absolutley do both to.
    and…i ‘m a bit of a nerd to. into the whole sci-fi and films thing. freeky but amazing.
    anyway, i happen to stumble acroos this site while googling “african fashion on the runway” for my GCSE textiles coursework, so as it happens, i do indeed love fashion, design, making stuff, art, music, yeh basically all the things you love- museums and all! no joke! such a coincidence
    ajeeb in arabic means strange(you may already know), and it sure is!!
    i was therefore wondering how to subscribe, cos i’d really like to see what else you have to say. your writing and work is amazing.
    sara.is.cool@hotmail.co.uk if you want to reply

  30. Nice article about Bernos, i’ll see if my Amhara friend has that at home !!

    Are u the girl pictured in that article?

  31. I’m gratefull too. Greatfull that I do not have to live or come to the west just to earn a living. I’d rather stay in the East side of the border and live quiet without having to think I’d be one of those who are privileged but poor in something else….If you get my point, that’s just about it.

  32. Djibouti and Somalia! Cool! I’m a part-time christian, Warren and Conners brotha (South East Detroit) born and raised on chicken, fries and hot -sauce. I been privileged in my life thus far, and I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to have made it through the nefarious evils of the Crack Cocaine Era (roughly defined as the 10 yr stretch of the 80s). Anywho, I like the blog, “keep keepin’ on…”

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