Update:Scarlett Johansson


Being this leading lady has to be one of my favorite actresses. I had to give everyone an update on her busy schedule. Check it out! 

If you’re a movie producer hoping to get Scarlett Johansson to star in your new picture over the next year or so, you’re sadly out of luck. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the star of upcoming comedy “The Nanny Diaries” has committed to her next three projects — a rare occurrence that is becoming more common as fears grow of a strike-forced work stoppage next year. And for the busy Johansson, this trio doesn’t even include the untitled Woody Allen picture she just finished shooting in Spain.

First on Johansson’s upcoming slate is the star-studded ensemble comedy “He’s Just Not That Into You.” The New Line flick will find Johansson playing a Pilates instructor and aspiring singer who hopes the married man she’s having an affair with will leave his wife for her (insert predictable ending here). Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Connelly, Justin Long and Drew Barrymore round out the cast. Second on the 22-year-old’s agenda will be Frank Miller’s first solo feature directing effort, an adaptation of the classic comic book, “Will Eisner’s the Spirit.” Johansson already dived into film noir in last year’s “The Black Dahlia,” but this time around she’ll get to play bad girl Silken Floss, an intelligent beauty with dangerous curves who assists evil mastermind the Octopus (Samuel L. Jackson). Under-the-radar Gabriel Macht (“The Good Shepherd“) will play the iconic 1940s hero who will try to stop the deadly duo. Production on the heavily stylized flick is set to begin in October.

After a short break, Johansson will travel further back in time to portray the title character in John Curran’s Brit indie “Mary Queen of Scots.” Usually positioned in history as the imprisoned challenger to Queen Elizabeth I’s throne (see the upcoming “Elizabeth: The Golden Age“), this picture promises to focus on Mary’s romantic relationship with the Earl of Brothwell and her rivalry with her half-brother James (both parts are uncast at the moment). Johansson will return to England for “Scots” in March, her home away from home the past couple of years after shooting “Match Point” and this winter’s period drama “The Other Boleyn Girl” there.


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