Somali Women and Mirage Sellers

Habone Djama Hassan article previously published at

Somali Woman

I am a Somali woman. I am from a tribe: the one I belong to. But that does not make me “tribalist”; I am also the sister to one tribe, cousin to another, mother to a different, and spouse of one more.

The Somali women factor

There was a time that we all believed in the greater Somalia. However the dream is shattered today beyond any possible reparation. Men have killed, looted and have done something unbelievable to the once existing Somali tradition.

Complicity of women

Men raped their own mothers, sisters, daughters and common wealth to all Somali men. We, as women are not innocent of these hideous crimes. We incited those crimes. We asked of our men to revenge us to other women. We did and still doing the King Kong gesture of slapping our chest and citing past clannish grandfathers as heroes. We have pushed and still pushing our beloved men afar. And we did get what we preached, as the old saying goes: women’s will is God’s will. Somali women and men are the origin of their own actions.

The mirage sellers

We tried to reunite the five Somali state in one. One must say we were fooling ourselves. We could not even manage two. But the sad part is even today, many educated men, looking for their interests, want us to buy the old agenda of the Greater Somalia, but are they suffering some kind unnamed undiscovered disease?

The sole foundation of the Greater Somalia was founded on the premise that we should reunite all the Somali territories in one. Ethiopia, Kenya and any other nation that will prevent us was our enemy. We are today competing for the attention of our erstwhile historical enemy, who is present everywhere today in the entire five Somalis region. In Djibouti they are governing them by their economy, in Somaliland they lured them for hope of recognition, and Somalia, shameless, they are invited to kill, rape and destroy their own kind so they can have the upper hand. And it is those vultures that are telling us what to do for our nation?

Reality check

Let’s not become amnesiac! I said that if we have better scores separate than united, then let be so! Djibouti refused the merger with Somaliland and Somalia. And see where they are today…. Sine their separation from Somalia, Somaliland even though unrecognized is not doing badly either. To this latter one, lot is to be done. Unemployment is high, the infrastructures is almost nonexistent. And it needs to secure its borders, but it is doing relatively well.

We are not the only homogeneous nation. We should take the eighteen Arab states as an example. They share, like us; same language, tradition and religion. Each nation kept has its identity, and, lives in harmony with their bothers. And at time of pain, they are all there for each other unlike Djibouti serving her own agenda in the Somali issue.

Setting the records straight

Every Southern Somali and the international community talked about the sixteen years of war, but unlike the other parts of Somalia, the Somalilanders struggle started in 1978, and, not 1991. The only memories of the generations late seventies and until the liberation they experienced fear and genocide perpetrated on their people. They suffered killings, jail, rape, and living in squalid refugee camps in Ethiopia.

The only decent life they ever had is the true one of Somaliland. Do they really believe that they will make the same mistake as their fathers sacrificed their country and people for a reverie? The few old men from Somaliland hallucinating still from a marvelous dream of the Five Somali are fading. And there is absolutely nobody to keep that torch unlighted in this northern part of the five Somali.

So what are the so-called Unionist will do now: call on the Ethiopian to come and unite us all five region by force? And then what is the Ethiopian gaining from that strong union? Let us not be ridiculous!

The question is very simple: What do we really want? A fantasy Somali State or two twin brotherly states that can help each other at times of need?

As women, we are tired to see our kids dying by the thousand! Killed by the bullets of their arch enemies, defenseless in their own territories, vanishing of hunger while their soil is rich. Dying of disease while their doctors are spread throughout the globe. Each Somali life lost is a terrible agony for every Somali woman, that cares, not matter under which flag they are.



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5 responses to “Somali Women and Mirage Sellers

  1. Ali

    What you wrote is absolutely true and I really appreciate your analysis on the old Somali dream to merge the five Somali parts while they cant mange the two parts they form it was a fail trial and as you pointed it become inevitable to correct the old mistakes bases on the upshots I know its not easy to give-up but to try the other options which you also indicate it in your analysis Which is to live like the 18 Arab countries brotherly and support when necessary
    Thank you Sister
    Yr Ali

  2. I think the article is well thought out…and on point. However, I must give credit to the author whose name appears above the article…for more on this story visit Awdal News…thanks…

  3. Mohamed

    I really enjoyed the articale and would like to thank the write for their thoughts and just would like to say afew words about it.
    The mother of the Mongolian worrior Temüjin khan had four sons. When they where teenagers, she oneday gave them an arow each and told them to break it, with relative ease each one of them managed to break the arrow. She then gave them a few teens of arrows bound together and told them to break it. of course non of them where able to break them. She then told them to help each other to break the arrows. they together managed to break the bounded arrows. all i am trying to say brothers and sisters is we always stronger united. The problem is not one tribe taking advantage of the other in our time but that we elect the least worthy and least educated to power. They say evil prvails when good men fail to act. This is exactly what is happening in our country today and will keep on happening untill we all relize this.

  4. Nice piece of an article, the kind you will never find to read from Somali, tribal minded fellas.

    One great issue tho, The Somali problem is taking time to get solved because:

    1. USA has a plan for Somalia
    2. The Italians have a different agenda altogether
    3. Saudi Arabia & Gulf states compound the whole scenario.Remember Somalis are 100% Muslims, Sunnis for that matter.
    4. kenya/Ethiopia and Djibouti have their “own” issues with Somalia.
    5. Somalia is strategic to say the fact.
    6. Somalis are skilled Traders.
    7. Somalis are smart, can be sturbon, can get twisted now and then, are modern, can be creative, can be anything you like.
    8.Somalis speak almost 90 languages now.Swahili, Amharic, Somali, Swedish, Norwich, Arabic, Chinese and a host of other languages.

    Do I go on and on…..?

    Somalis need to know that, to prosper, you need peace, understanding, truth, reconciliation.

    Somalis from Kenya have learned the way and are now making major strides.

    Who is the next?

  5. ramlo

    hi mansllah abaayo it was just some things that people now adays need to hear. i have always wondered if this separation between us will ever end but it seems like it is just getting owrse and that tribe will continue to shade blood in our land but i want people to think about how can they stop. sister i have been writing books and thats my hobby but i just dont know how to inform it to the somalis so i was hoping if u can help me make a web page that people could read from.
    thank you so much sister for your interesting and facts that you have shown at your website and iam glad to have a sister who is working hard to unite the somalis.
    thank you over and over again sister
    asalamu alaykum to all u muslims
    remember you all can make a difference by not looking tribe but by love and understanding.
    thank you
    plze contact me if U can

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