Runway Africa

I was browsing the web as always and came across this website:

Runway Africa…

Runway Africa believes strongly that by exposing African designers to the global market, Africa (as a whole) will begin to see a change in each country’s economic and social agendas. By stimulating growth in the textile and garment industries, Africa can begin to see some economic stability in those areas. In essence, this kind of mass exposure puts the continent’s talent and creativity in global markets and increases the ability to manufacture apparel deriving from Africa. Inspired by the urbanity of African textiles, fashions and designs; Runway Africa was created to infuse, educate, and introduce to the world, the vibrancy of African inspired couture designs while giving back to Africa through a carefully chosen non-profit beneficiary. This year’s beneficiary is Keep a Child Alive; an organization that provides life saving anti-retroviral treatment to children and their families in Africa and the developing world struggling with HIV/AIDS.

Runway Africa is a stylish and elegant couture exhibit that provides an intimate look at Africa’s creative fashion industry while spotlighting African influence in today’s mainstream style and fashion. It features creations inspired by the rich traditions of the African continent, known as Africhic, Runway Africa promises a bold fusion of African textiles combined with glamorous couture.

Runway Africa is the first couture fashion show to debut in the United States with an entire couture show dedicated to “Africhic“.

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  1. wellyalmeida

    Wow… it sounds really brilliant, I’ll check out Runaway Africa’s website and watch it closer. 🙂

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