I am not one to watch television much. I prefer to sit down and watch a good movie. However, there is one show that I don’t miss. What is that show you might ask?

Project Runway.

I don’t know about you but I am hoping season 4 will be the best. So far for me, season 2 had the most talented designers.

Once season 4 starts, I will be posting more information; as well as reviews from the episodes.

Here is a video from season 2 finale, and a video showing (season 1) Kara Sauns designs.

Kara Saun I think is my favorite from all seasons. I feel she just knows what women want to wear! Enjoy!



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  1. I love fashion shows (especially World Fashion Tour) but I couldn’t get myself to watch more than a couple of Project Runway episodes. I’m a little weary of the false backstage conflict and find Heidi Klum bland. Look forward to more videos and reviews.

  2. I agree some of the conflicts looked rehearsed, and I can never get H.K (annoying …sorry HK)voice out of my head, especially when she says:

    “16 designers” ( you guys know what I’m talking about).

    I do however, love the challenges, and watching the end result!
    So, you guys know where Lulu is on Wednesday nights…lol

  3. I see you’re interested in fashion and fashion magazines, what do you think about designers like Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren? I find some of their things to be too monochromatic but they seem to have more realistic, sort of every day wear, cuts for a woman. The younger designers do great with colour but I’m not terribly impressed with their shapes and cuts.

  4. Not sure about Michael Kors. However, Ralph Lauren never fails to produce simplistic chic pieces.

    For casual wear, I tend to look at designers like Max Azria, Derek Lam, and Stella McCartney.

    For the special occasions or to just look at stuff I can’t afford (wink). I look at designers like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Christian Dior.

    I am vintage fanatic though. I tend to find tons of pieces for cheap at vintage stores. You will be surprised what you can find at flea markets…lol

    I once found an Hermes scarf at a flea market for 12.00 dollars. ( I know I was one lucky girl that day!)

    We could talk about this all day though huuno…

  5. I love vintage too, LOL. My mother thinks of them as ‘whodied’ and I think more like ‘how cool’.

    Derek Lam is great although I can’t quite grasp Stella McCartney. For classics, Missoni is one of my (too expensive) favs. too.

    I am totally green with envy at the Hermes scarf and a girl can spend all day on fashion.

  6. Hi Lulu,

    Very nice blog you’ve got here.

    I haven’t seen that particular show but I could have sworn Elizabeth Hurley was presenting it? Not sure.

    Fashion is lovely, but desinger clothes are WAAAYYYY out of my league. LoL…I’m more of a Zara, H&M and Topshop girl. High street chic at my best, dowdy fright at my worst.


  7. Thanks for stopping by.

    The show you’re talking about I believe is Catwalk Runway it’s similar show to Project Runway, but yeah it is hosted by Elizabeth Hurley.

    I’m with you though. Unless, I am blessed to come across a vintage Chanel belt. Designer labels are outrageously priced.

    My funds go to Mango, Zara, Topshop, and all that jazz!

    I think it’s all about mixing designer pieces and vintage pieces and all that in between!

    Come by again…=)

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