Artist of the Month : Dawn Okoro

For those of you who know me, and for those who have become familiar with my page know I have the utmost respect for artists. Particularly artists on the rise. Therefore, on the first of each month I will be posting an artist whose work inspires me. This month I’ve chosen to post artwork by: Dawn Okoro.

Dawn Okoro was raised in Lubbock, Texas where her mother first introduced her to pencil and paper. As a child, Dawn began to realize her love for drawing and other art forms. 

Dawn proved to be a young talent. In 1998 she won three Golden Keys and the American Visions Honor in the Scholastic Art Awards. By age 18, Dawn Okoro’s art was displayed in the Texas State Capitol building.

After earning her B.A. degree at the University of Texas, Dawn worked for the Texas Department of Human Services helping elderly and disabled citizens obtain funding for health care.

Fueled by the frustration of watching her younger brother struggle with autism, Dawn decided to use her art to help children with developmental disabilities. A portion of the proceeds from Dawn’s first solo exhibition “Muse,” were donated to Thoughtful House Center for Children. In addition, Dawn Okoro has teamed up with Grammy winning singer, Erykah Badu, to help bring awareness to Badu’s non-profit B.L.I.N.D.

Dawn Okoro has become an internationally collected artist. She continues to live and work in Texas.

Dawn has been ever so kind to give me a chance to ask her some questions…

(Lulu) Dawn, tell me a little about why you decided to have a career in art?

(Dawn) I always knew that I wanted a career in art, but a few years ago I had doubts on achieving success as an artist. Finally, I decided to just go for it. After the wonderful feedback that I got from the galleries and collectors. I realized:

“Wow, someone is actually willing to buy my artwork and hang it on their walls!”

After that I decided I could not imagine my life without art.

(Lulu) Explain your work progress, what do you use, where do you like to work best?

(Dawn) I love fashion and I love to paint the female silhouette. After I decide what I would like to paint, I come up with a color scheme. I usually paint acrylic on canvas, using lots of layers of paint! My studio is wherever I can find a room to paint in (usually the living room).

(Lulu) Lastly, tell me a little about what inspires you and keeps you motivated.

(Dawn) Through my work, I get to meet so many art lovers every year. It is realy exciting to know that the art I create can touch someone’s spirit. In addition, I am very proud to to be able to use my talents to help raise money and bring awareness to various non-profit organizations.

(Lulu) Wish you the best of luck with your continuing success!

Dawn is now featured in Sotac magazine …visit:

For Dawn’s official website visit :


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