Ever since I was a little girl I have had this infatuation with airports. I love them! Even if I wasn’t the one who was traveling that day, I would escort anyone who was, as a little girl and even now. Just to see people hurry throughout the airport terminals and gates is exciting. I am such a curious being. I love to think of where these individuals are going, who they’ll see, or meet. Is this an exciting trip for them, or a sad and dreadful trip? I love looking at foreigners to hear them speak their beautiful languages, or to see their different traditional dresses. 

Everytime I come in the house and take off my shoes (which in our culture is a must) I always would take them off having one shoe fall directly above the other. There is a Somali proverb that says when you do that you will be traveling soon. My mother always says this proverb to me. So far, she’s right. Being that my family is originally from East Africa, my father lives in U.A.E, and most other family members are scattered across the globe. This little chicky gets her fair bit of traveling, which I am ever so grateful for (al hamdillah).

My dream job would be to become a Travel Journalist. I…so envy Anthony Bourdain. I wouldn’t visit places like Paris, and Rome although those cities are impossible to resist. I would like to visit countries and cities that I have no idea what to expect. Countries like: Indonesia, Argentina, Cape Verde ( Although, I do know someone from there), Haiti, and Japan. These are just a few. Insha’allah ( god willing) I will get to see some of these countries some day.

Here are couple of pictures from airports I’ve been to…

Left to Right: Abu dhabi Intl’ Airport, Dubai Intl’ Airport, Vancouver Intl’ Airport, and London Heathrow Airport

Below is my favorite scene from the movie LOVE ACTUALLY. Anyone who has seen the film can agree this is a nice scene. I think this is the second time I’ve mentioned that film on this blog…

Here is a list of best airports in the world :



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7 responses to “Airports

  1. callofwords

    The proverb actually exists in India as well . I remember my mother saying that to me many times.

  2. That’s amazing…was she right?

  3. i like airports, too. unless you’re stuck there. but flying from one country to another is a big dream i have.

  4. Having to wait for a long time is never fun…Hope you get to travel soon!

  5. callofwords

    Surprisingly … It has worked always in my case!..

  6. eww u remind me my last travel in Jun-2005 in dubai international airport that i was transit more than 6 hrs damn i got more pic’s in dubai airport my self he3 …..

  7. Waiting in transit is never fun…but Dubai intl’ airport is a nice one to get stuck in. Atleast, you’re not in Kansas…(not that there is anything wrong with it ‘wink’)

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