Diriic…( Somali Traditional Dress)

Why is it that Somalis and Djiboutians nowadays would rather wear slacks and blouse over Diriic to a Somali gathering?

Our Diriics have to be one of the most beautiful traditional dresses in the world, the colors, styles, and the way we way wear them are gorgeous.

“Ladies, put down that skirt, dress, blouse or whatever else you plan on wearing to that Aroos ( Somali Wedding) or Riwayaad (Somali Concert) and put on a diriic!” 

Here are some photos for those of you are interested in knowing what it looks like …






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17 responses to “Diriic…( Somali Traditional Dress)

  1. All the old stuff I wore as a child is coming back. Kinda scary and makes you feel old, but it looks great most of the time.

  2. akin r

    the spelling for dirac is always different why? but all looks from my west african point of view

  3. With the 70s and 80s back in style, I just loving vintage clothing from the thrift shops. You can find designers like Chanel and Armani for cheap there. Ebay is great too!

  4. J Mehmett

    I asked a Somali gurl, why do Somalis and Dijiboutians who live outside wear blues and even those who live in homelands wear skirts over their old tradition “Dirac”, she asked couze its boring…!

    Loll, but “Macawis” is not old fashioned, we wear it…

  5. Samihah

    Where can I buy one online? I use to own a few but I don’t have them anymore and I want more.


  6. Aisha

    i think diracs r buff+pain!!!!

  7. Ifrah

    In the west i think dirac’s are mostly associated with weddings! I own quite a few and always wear them to weddings!
    Never been to a ruwayad but if i was to go, it would be in a dirac!

  8. I think we’re on the same page Ifrah!

  9. racha

    I am from originally from holland, i got to kmow dirac by my neighbour and i love to where it ! 🙂

  10. omg i love our culture and wat we were omg it is so nice i love wearing dirac and garba saar i think its better than some other countries culture.. omg oh omg

  11. somalisista

    lol somali diracs are kool wallah
    people seem 2 hate anything traditional lately
    for example i think indian saris are gorgeous but my indian friends wouldnt be caught dead with them on
    and diracs are HOTTT
    bt no body wears any
    anyways ima go lecture myself and buy sum diracs

  12. naima

    I think dirac is beutiful for any occation.

  13. Sureya

    It doesn’t matter wether you’re in Europe or Africa, I still see people rocking them diracs where ever they are. That’s how it should be, we should be representing ourself by wearing the colourfull diracs to every single place lol. Asians wear their traditional clothing on the street, so why cant we?

    God i’ve got quite a lot of diracs at home and i love my dirac sheed.

  14. abdi risaq

    walal runti aad iyo aad ayaan ulaa dhacay
    in aad ku fanaysid inaad xidhato diric wanad ku qurux badan tahay..waxanan aad iyo aad u necbay
    inantaa xidhataa sarwaal cowradeeda aan qarinayn
    bye abdi fatax..

  15. Great post! I was thinking about this a few days back believe it or not…how cool it would look…
    tho…Is it just me or is the photo not displaying?

  16. i LOVE diracs, without them i dont know where i’d be.
    me and my red dirac have been through alot.
    she gives me memories of all them old times when life was good.

    u see diracs mean the WORLD to some people like myself.

  17. shikhada

    salama calaykum my somali pll my name is faisa i am 19 years old well wat can i say dirac is great but i LOVE MY HIJAB more cuz its modest and it covers me very well ,are you kidding me why would i wear dirac to a place where MEN might be attending at , but i wouldnt mine wearing dirac @ only ladies party(no camera of course).
    so stick with hijab cuz we all know how revealing dirac can be lol sisters no offence i hope yall know what am saying

    sincerely your sister
    salama calaykum

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