Somali Diaspora – “A Cry For Help.”

Less than 40% of the estimated 300,00 displaced Somalis are receiving any help, according to UN humanitarian relief chief John Holmes.

After a visit to Mogadishu, he said Somalia now represents a worse displacement crisis than Sudan’s Darfur region.

Some will say that Western interference is the cause and root of this ongoing chaos, but God only knows. Until then, we can only pray…

The video below is by K’naan, and the word “SOOBAX” means literally to “come out”. He is speaking directly to the warlords in the country…



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3 responses to “Somali Diaspora – “A Cry For Help.”

  1. The situation in Somalia is grave and appears to be getting worse.

  2. brewing is right: will it calm down?

  3. Not anytime soon…I can only pray and give my heart out to those families suffering.

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