Okay, most folks already know I’m a huge coffee addict. Can’t live without it. The best day and time of the week is Sunday morning solely for this reason; I’ll get up and get a fresh cup of coffee ( made right at home), steam the milk, and then just sit back and read a good book, or watch some news, or whatever else…but coffee is “it”!

Anywho, I thought I’d let you guys know the best cup of coffee or one the best cups of coffee I’ve ever had. It was at Caffe Artjava on Ave. Du Mont-Royal, in Montreal, CA. It was so rich, not bitter, almost sweet. Amaa-ziing!

 For the coffee lovers out there like me here is a little eye-candy!



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2 responses to “CAFFÈ ARTJAVA

  1. ahh the perfect coffee. So hard to find. So often a luke warm milky slop. And claire danes – just about the perfect woman. Definitely the perfect hair.

  2. I like Cafe Artigiano in Vancouver. But since moving back east I’ve dropped the pretence and admitted a cup of Timmies can be my friend…

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