Gere and Shetty…WTF?


JAIPUR, India -An Indian court ordered the arrest of Hollywood star Richard Gere on Thursday for kissing Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty at an AIDS awareness event this month saying it was an obscene act committed in public.

Gere’s repeated kisses on Shetty’s cheeks at an event to promote AIDS awareness in New Delhi sparked protests in some parts of India, mostly by Hindu vigilante groups, who saw it as an outrage against her modesty and an affront to Indian culture.

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This has gotten a little out of control. Sure, Shetty looked a little surprised, perhaps embarrased. However, the kiss is hardly considered obscene.

I agree, when you are in a different country you must obey customs and culture. I’m sure it was just a mis-understanding.

I have to say though I’m so tired of the media skewing ideas/stories. What are they trying to gain from this? How many people are really protesting against this….maybe 10.  They make seem as though the whole country is outraged. How many Indian movies nowadays show adultery, nudity and indecency. After all is said and done, what happens you might ask…well, the “West”will just laugh and think: “There goes another Eastern country that’s radical and oppressed.”

I wonder if any of this would even be an issue if the tables were turned. What if it was an Indian actor kissed by an American actress? I doubt anything would have happened. In fact quite the opposite I bet!


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