3 Men Charged With Smuggling Khat Through Ottawa Airport.


An airport worker and two other men have been arrested and charged with smuggling the drug khat into Canada through Ottawa International Airport.

Osman Ismail Hassan, 37, of Ottawa, Abib Ige Aden, 49, of Ottawa and Abdi Muse Ibrahim, 46, of Toronto face drug charges after an investigation by the Ottawa Airport Authority, Canada Border Services Agency, the Ottawa Police Service and the RCMP. The probe began in May 2006, the RCMP said in news release Thursday.

For full article go here: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/ottawa/story/2007/04/26/khat-airport-070426.html?ref=rss

What kills me is the fact that most Somali men will swear up and down that Khat is not a drug. When the main ingredient is  cathinone, an amphetamine-like stimulant which causes excitement and euphoria. I’m telling you Somali’s need to get out of this denial mode their in.


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