Rihanna- Good Girl Gone Bad?

As much as I love Rihanna’s style and look. I have to say that this new look is risqué. The girl doesn’t have a power-house voice. So, what do you have to go by: looks, style, and innovative ideas. When you’re that young you shouldn’t put yourself out there like that. The media is just dying to talk about something sleazy, so you make it a bit easy for them to target you as their next victim when you overexpose yourself, like she’s done in her video.

However, on one note I’m loving the hair and the fact that she’s showcasing her ballet skills in this video…Nonetheless, I’ll let you decide. Here is her new video:



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One response to “Rihanna- Good Girl Gone Bad?

  1. the hair is great and rihanna is a love/hate artist for me. her songs are so damn catchy but she is incredibly young too to be dressing so daringly…then again it works for her

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