Prussian Blue – Are These Little Girls Lost?


Prussian Blue is a white nationalist folk teen duo formed in early 2003 by Lynx Vaughan Gaede and Lamb Lennon Gaede, fraternal twin girls born on June 30, 1992, in Fresno, California and brought up in the United States.

The group has strong ties to the National Vanguard organization, a white nationalist group formed by disaffected former members of the National Alliance. Their ideology has been described as racist and white supremacist in nature by many organizations. The Daily Telegraph reports that, on stage, the twins execute Nazi salutes.  However, Lynx and Lamb, as well as representatives from National Vanguard, claim not to be supremacists, but separatists, saying they want a homeland for white people and that being supremacist contradicts the ideology of separatism.

Most of the songs on Prussian Blue’s first album are covers of white nationalist songs. The majority of those were written by David Lane, Ian Stuart, and Ken McLellan. Two of Prussian Blue’s songs on their first album are dedicated to famous Nazis and neo-Nazi activists, including Rudolf Hess and Robert Jay Mathews. One of those songs, which was written by Lamb, is “Sacrifice”. (

I’m sure just by posting this I’m probably giving more publicity to this racist duo.

They say they aren’t supremacists or racists, and that they are just trying to associate with people similar to their background. However, what is a supremacist? It is an advocate or adherent of group. What group would that be:

“The White Group.”

I honestly pity Prussian Blue, it obvious they were raised in a very narrow-minded home. I am baffled and horrified at the same time that two girls so young are being raised this way. Can’t people realize that the root of hatred and war starts with intolerance of people.

When will people get a clue ?



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2 responses to “Prussian Blue – Are These Little Girls Lost?

  1. Allison

    bitches..GOD DAMN THEM

  2. Allison

    they are quite stupid for being a part of them racist female dogs

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