StarBurst Berries & Cream Commercial.

This has got to be one of the weirdest, yet funniest commercials I’ve seen in a long time!



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3 responses to “StarBurst Berries & Cream Commercial.

  1. Jill Shade

    I also find this character odd/slightly repulsive and yet am drawn to him. I suspect that was the intent of the commercial and how better to promote a product than to twist the minds of the consumers? His costume (short pants, stockings, lacy shirt), hair cut, make-up and small travel case all conjure up the Edwardian era in England and yet he comes into the 21st century to proclaim his love for “berries and creme”. What Englishman/ person doesn’t have a soft spot for berries and creme? Do you suppose there will be other commericals featuring this character? He’s so perfectly odd in this one, I would hate the advertisers to ruin it by overexposing him.

  2. Laytoya

    I don’t like this commerical because it’s weird and very scary.

  3. Dustin And Lindsay

    We love this superdeeduper commercial! Dustin loves to dance to this commercial in his underwear in front of the mirror!

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