Mr. U.S.A… it’s almost time to check-in to rehab!-

It’s 7.p.m I turn on the television for quick second while I’m on break at work, and what do I see? It would be none other than Anna Nicole Smith’s inheritance trial on CNN. This wouldn’t be something worth mentioning any other day but being that this is the 10th consecutive time I’ve seen this trial on 3 major news networks. It’s starting to get a bit repetitive and downright annoying. I start flipping the channels frantically looking for something interesting. A quick brief on the latest tour dates for Spring Break Tour is on channel 8. I go back to the news stations it’s still… all about Anna, I go to the local channels again, and it’s some hideous photo of Lindsey Lohan looking completely and utterly drunk.


So, at this point I’m bewildered and annoyed at the same time. I look for some magazine or newspaper to read and guess who’s on the cover…it’s our very own southern belle Britney Spears…oh but wait it’s says shocking news next to her name. I think for quick moment maybe she’s come to all decency and has decided she’s going to let the paparazzi take a reputable photo.

 I’m wrong, dead wrong! It looks as though she’s shaved her head in broad daylight for the entire world to see her breakdown. Has America really come to this? Are major news networks covering stories such as these to cater to the public interest? And if so, then America needs to wake up!  Smell the coffee, hey, smell the low-fat, decaf chai, I don’t care! 

If any of you out there are like me, and have literally had it; we need to stop watching these celebrity saturated stories on T.V. Stop buying magazines if all it has to cover is “Brad’s secret love note to Jen.” If we’re not buying it then they won’t be selling it. It’s time for America to start putting stories and topics of significance on the front page.  I’m not telling you to stop recording “American Idol” however, if you do record it. Try recording: “Voices of Civil Rights” documentary on the History Channel.


Mr. U.S.A if you don’t change your shallow and superficial ways soon. It will be you who will need to check-into rehab shortly!


L. Amin






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2 responses to “Mr. U.S.A… it’s almost time to check-in to rehab!-

  1. I stopped reading the newspapers over 5 years ago, I watch very little TV, maybe 4-5 hrs per week, I have my radio on all the time during the week, and I get on the Internet everyday. I thought about a plasma TV and then thought, why, I really don’t watch it enough to warrant spending the money. Oh, I no longer by the magazines, Time, Newsweek, and that whole array of the same garbage. I am happy, well-informed and certainly do not miss the MSM, (Main Stream Media) at all. They have become a joke, a bad joke at that.

  2. Moe

    I hope that Lindsey, Paris, and that Britney all go to jail. That will teach them!

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